Cultural Art Movement

curated by Antonio Manfredi

Take part to the selection of the election symbol, program, slogan and advert of the Movement of the world of Art and Culture VOTE ART_ Cultural Art Movement.

A symbol (graphic design or digital), a program (140 spaces max), a slogan (40 spaces max) and, on discretion of the participants, a video (30 sec. max, to post on Youtube), can be posted either on the Facebook page, created for the occasion, or on Twitter @MuseoCAMCasoria or sent by e-mail at .

The whole will be loaded on the Facebook page and, all those logos and videos reaching more than 50 “I like it”, will be shown in CAM halls on occasion of the Italian political Election Days, next 24 and 25 of February 2013.

Artists, designers, admen, video makers, poets, writers and everybody, whatever age, Italians and non-Italians are invited to participate to overcome the reality of fake and paradoxical symbols and election parties presented for the political elections.

The ironical event launched by CAM, following CAM Art War, on the one hand mocks a political class overcoming even the most extreme artistic expressions and on the other launches a clear message to the world of culture: an invitation to a reflection involving an active commitment on an Institutional level.



Video by Mimmo di Caterino_VOTE ART

Video by Scarlet Lovejoy/ Marco Iannaccone_VOTE ART

Video by Žarko Aleksić_VOTE ART

Video by Antonio Raia e Gabriella Siciliano_VOTE ART

Video by Gabriella Siciliano_VOTE ART

Video by Margherita Fascione_VOTE ART

Video by Jans JeanF_VOTE ART


Jeremy Blank_Australia

Gennaro Cilento_Italy

Gianluca Iovine_Italy

Ardau & Di Caterino/Tavor Art Mobil_Italy

Marzia Vetrano_Italy

Tony Stefanucci_Italy

Michele Spina_Italy

Pilar du Breuil_France

Salvatore Graf_Italy

Disegno perfetto_Italy

Rosa Panaro_Italy

Luigi Ambrosio_Italy

Maurizio De Fazio_Italy

Dom Barra_Italy

Barbara Ardau_Italy


Peppe Esposito_Italy

Luna Hal_Italy

Angelo Riviello_Italy

Marco Coraggio_Italy

Endre Kis_Hungary

Robert Gyuris_Hungary

Fausto Rullo_Italy

Orodè Deoro_Italy

Raffaele Boemio_Italy

Treddi Man_Italy

Scarlet Lovejoy/Marco Iannaccone_Italy

Sara Sarno_Italy

Anna Pozzuoli_Italy

Maria Rosaria Cozza_Italy

Gretel Fehr_Italy

Martin Reiter_Germany

Tacheles Berlin Archiv_Germany

Christian Catera_Italy

Brlek Alen_Croatia

Mauro Rea e Antonio Picariello_Italy

Envi En Vg Voglio_Italy

Alessandro Della Pietra_Italy

Maria Racana_Italy

Giovanbattista De Angelis_Italy

Helga Gasser_Austria

Olly Key Key (Olga Mangiacapra)_Italy

Nicola Masuottolo_Italy

Filippos Tsitsopoulos_Greece/Spain

Raffaella Formenti_Italy

Renato Bozzaotra_Italy

Alfonso Caliendo_Italy

Anna Magliocchino_Italy

Mario Macca_Italy

Antonello Picciano_Italy

Marko Vojnic Gin_Croatia

Angela Caporaso_Italy

Giuseppe Tuzzi_Italy

Irene Russo_Italy

H. Gasser Salzburg_Austria

Maria Pia de Santis_Italy

William G Gusella_Italy

Andrea Petrone_Italy

Napola Kazaum_Italy

Andrea Gruppuso_Italy

Alfonso Caccavale_Italy

Gruppo Sinestetico_Italy

Christa Niestrath_Germany

Juan Giordano_Argentina

Franjo Matanović_Croatia

Stefania Chiaravalle_Italia

Mauro Kronstadiano Fiore_Italy

Giuliano Chierchio_Italy

Alfonso Mangone_Italy

Assunta Improta_Italy

Gabriella Siciliano_Italy

Michele Ciardiello_Italy

Mena Pezzullo_Italy

Moni Vibescu Varriale_Italy/Romania

Antonio Raia e Gabriella Siciliano_Italy

Giorgio Scotti_Italy

Claudia Del Giudice_Italy

Rayk Amelang_Germany

Margherita Andreoli_Italy

Ermelinda Ponticiello_Italy

Barbara Agreste_Italy

Andras Pinczehelyi_Hungary

Patty De Simone_Italy

Anamaria Avram_Romania

Jelena Micic_Serbia

Tommaso Arcella_Italy

Tiziana del Giudice_Italy

Sergio Gargiulo & Bruno Lania_Italy

Rocco Sciaudone_Italy

Pasquale Dell’Aversana_Italy

Chris Herdel_Czech Republic

Bazsi Bubreg_Hungary

Giuseppe Piscopo_Italy

Gerardo Marzullo_Italy

Murolo, Picone, Parolisi_Italy

Tigernest di Juliane Biasi Hendel_Italy

John Brown_Wales (UK)

Rosa Biagi_Italy

Gabriele Castaldo_Italy

Antonio Serrapica_Italy

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