Invito MAGMART 2008



Boukhari Nisrine_Them me


Filippos Tsitsopoulos_Craze



Morena Casari _Sala d'attesa



Astrid Stoefhas_Where are you



Gloria Zoitl e Raditschnig Werner



  Emily Alden Foster _Snowfakes




Ulf Kristiansen _The art reception




Bill Bahmermann _Dreams of the garden


Shahar Marcus_Homecoming artists



MAGMART 2008 Terza edizione


International videoart festival




Antonio Manfredi

Enrico Tomaselli



March 15th 2008 6.30 pm


March 15th to April 15th 2008


Winning Artists

Nisrine Boukhari / Syria  “THEM–ME”; Junichiro Ishii / Giappone “PROMENADE”;

 Fleisch Thorsten / Germany “ENERGIE!“;

 Jean-Gabriel PÚriot / France “NIJUMAN NO BOREI” ; Shahar Marcus / Israel “HOMECOMING ARTIST”; Nervo e Tes / Italy “INTERNO7” ;

Silvia De Gennaro / Italy “REALITY” ;

Bill Bahmermann / USA “DREAMS OF THE GARDEN” ; Gerard Freixes Ribera / Spain “AISLADO”;  Vishal Shah / United Kingdom

SEEK ASSISTANCE” ; Fernando Garcia Tamajon (aka Malaventura) / Spain “BOXES” (CAJAS); Barbara Zenobi / Italy “A-FUSION”;  Kentaro Yamada / Japan “PALAREL PARKING”;  Simona Minniti / Italy “METAMORPHOSYS” ; Bruno Estevan / Italy “BREATH” ; MALC (Massimiliano Acerra and Lorena Canulli) / Italy “RGB”; Ro▀bacher Gerald and Michael Weingńrtner / Germany “SUPERIMPOSING L.A.” ; Nervo e Tes / Italy “DI CULLA IN CULLA..”; Elvira Sanchez Lopez / Spain “MILO'S DREAM” ; Orion Eden / Isreal “FRAME 2007”; Andrea Fossati, Alessandro Rizzo, Luca Roggero / Italy “MAIEUTICA”;

Tal Lotan / Israel “MAYA HAS A GUN”;

 Henry Gwiazda / USA “A DOLL'S HOUSE IS....”;  Ulf Kristiansen / Norway “THE ART RECEPTION”;  Emily Alden Foster / USA  “SNOWFAKES” ; Giacomo Grasso / Italy  “DAL VUOTO”; Morena Casari / Italy  “SALA D'ATTESA” ; Michele Pesce / Italy “TRAVEL TRIP”;  Jessica Iapino / Italy “EDEN” ; Junichiro Ishii, Burcu Costur / Japan “COMPOUND EYES”.


Special mention

Astrid Stoefas / Germany “WHERE ARE YOU”;

Filippos Tsitsopoulos / Greece “CRAZE” video_installation;



Out of competition



 On Saturday, the 15th of March at 6.30pm, at CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, will take place the third edition of “Magmart_Video under Volcano”, International Festival of Video-Art. During the opening the selected videos will be projected at the Casoria museum – they have been chosen among more than 300 works participating to the competition, according to technical-artistic criteria and evaluated on the basis of the most recent evolutions in contemporary art trends. A jury of experts made up of Antonio Manfredi, CAM director, Enrico Tommaselli, Festival artistic director, Giuseppe De Marco,  Mediavox founder, Luca Magnoni, journalist,  Arseny Sergeyev, “Outvideo” Festival curator. During that night, through a real-time connection some of the winning artists – Vishal Shah (UK), Emily Foster (U.S.A.) and Eden Orion (Israel) – will interact with the audience, continuing the CAM international network activity. The opening will be on live broadcast on INSU.TV, on  VHF 19 – 98 frequency. Videos will become part of the permanent collection of the museum – already counting 300 works of digital art. The thirty ones selected, sharing the use of digital means as requested by the competition, do explore the expressive possibilities of video-art. The selection of this third edition of the Festival deals with themes and subjects someway new as well as a widening of already treated themes and experiences. When referring to the past, digital artists find confirmation and legitimating in virtue of continuity. The new aesthetics worked-out carry out an interpretative role of the means of its production. If until some time ago technology was considered pure scientific expression, it is now become a language thanks to art. Though metaphors or symbols it has lost its instrumental meaning becoming integral part of the artistic product. All the participating works are characterized by digital and only sometimes use the modifying possibilities of real with the technical means. The typical graphics of videogames or the single colour space only invaded by unreal shapes, is one of the possible way to see the artistic world expressing through the canons of virtual. On the other hand the reversal of the reference points meant to distinguish the tangibility surrounding us turns to dreamlike atmosphere thanks to the perfection of details, the use of accentuated colours or the blurred shapes. Everything looks too real, the excessive reproduction de-contextualizes the tale and turns it to abstract. Performance testimonies grow richer of their own temporal space, accelerated and built not just to document what happens but to build a metaphor of human time and action, as in the videos by Ishii Junichiro and Costur Burcu, in which the installation building goes along with time and space flowing. New fairy tales, full with images and dreamlike references do shape and become concrete, inviting to the search for links and meaning pertaining to the collective imagination. Videos – as the ones by Fernando Garcia Tamajon and Tal Lotan – far from only willing to teach, prefer to show and guide the viewer through those landscapes and moments otherwise invisible. In other cases artists use video-art to question people and themselves on their own social and cultural function, showing the will to relate to their surrounding as in the videos by Marcus Shahar and Ulf Kristiansen. Not last is the interest in mythology and history, with contemporary interpretation, in which digital technique is used as means to bring back to life meanings otherwise lost or misunderstood, as in the video of the Milan group Andrea Fossati, Alessandro Rizzo and Luca Roggero or in the video by Jessica Iapino. Videos by MALC or Nervo e Tes groups carry out a pure visual experimentation, meanwhile Morena Casari proposes a technique alternative to the urban space and common life by means of an architectural building favouring social relations and integrated with the natural space. The videos value looks purely conceptual and the total immersion into virtual images – sometimes with no textual linearity – creates loss and perturbation. It requires, therefore, an actualization of the audience approach – goal undertook by this festival and by its hosting museum.

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